Seminars: the Mujboor projectWe acknowledge that active, grass roots engagement with communities that practice forced marriage is the most successful strategy to tackle the issue. This approach is especially helpful in raising awareness of the adverse effects of forced marriage and in addressing religious misconceptions.

Our campaign consists of talks in schools, voluntary organisations, statutory agencies and community groups. In schools, the priority is to help both students and teachers detect cases of forced marriage, and know where to seek help.

We provide training for practitioners including health professionals, social workers and the police in order to raise awareness about the practice, the law surrounding forced marriage as well as options and help available for victims.

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What People Say ...

"Extremely informative presentation which challenged misconceptions students had about forced marriages. The students left knowing the signs of a forced marriage and knowing the difference between forced and arranged marriages.”

School in Newham, London

"Everything was relevant" was the overwhelming consensus of practitioners who attended a multi-agency seminar.

"Excellent presentation and speakers."

"Excellent - glad the awareness is there."

"Very well delivered."

"It was well presented by knowledgeable facilitators who were able to discuss the broader societal issues and gender issues really well. The session was very informative."

"The presentation were given by young experienced women, which is so refreshing."

Practitioners, Brent, London

"Really brilliant delivery and approachable women representing the service." 

Mental Health Counsellor, London

"Thank you for such an informative and interesting training session you delivered today."  


"The talk was very interesting and informative. The content was relevant to our day-to-day work and has certainly raised our awareness. Thank you very much."

Safer Neighbourhoods Team, London

"Was very informative and questions were all resolved."

Mental Health Charity, London

"The assembly on forced marriages provided our Year 8's with some important clarification, food for thought and crucial sign posting if they ever needed to take action on these issues."

School in Hackney, London

The feedback was positive, most rating the training between good and excellent. 

Teachers in Waltham Forest, London

"The students found the presentation interesting and relevant. The presenters were professional, on time and well organised.  I would recommend this workshop to other schools."

School in Redbridge, London

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for today. Very useful/informative and interesting. Thank you so much for the work you are doing."

School in Newham, London

"Great speakers, very approachable. Booking and arranging the talk was easy, efficient and extremely accommodating to the time limit we had. Thanks again." 

School in Hounslow, London

"The seminar was a good success. The whole presentation was good and well delivered."

Waltham Forest Organisation

"The students were grateful for your delivery and input. It's good to get information. The presentation was well delivered, students found the information useful and interesting. The pace of the session was good."

School in Tower Hamlets, London

"The classroom based workshop on Forced Marriage was very informative. The students were all very interested and keen to share what they had learnt with friends and family. The resources were relevant, age appropriate and effective. The staff are clearly passionate about their work and this came across to the students who felt confident enough to speak out freely during the discussion."

"This workshop is a huge step towards disseminating information into our community and shattering media/culturally led myths. These discussions need to be had and I truly feel that our students took a lot from it. We look forward to working with JAN Trust in the future."

School in Haringey, London

"I already knew what a forced marriage was, and the word forced says everything, but I didn't know what to do if e.g. we have a friend in that situation or a member of family, and now I know. And I didn't know that boys could pass for the same problem but now I know."

Shona, Hounslow College Student

"Today's talk was very helpful because it told us where we can find people who can help us if we are forced into marriage ... but the most important thing that I learned from the speakers was how I can save myself from it while I'm in England or outside London ... My opinion about forced marriage is it's the worst thing that can ever happen to us! ... If the family forced you to marry I don't think it's good to be silent. You should look for help because you will have the worst life ever if you become silent."

Fahuma, Hounslow College Student

"It was really interesting for me because I never knew what a 'forced marriage' was. And now I know what a forced marriage is because the speakers talked about it and it was really interesting."

Nodul, Hounslow College Student

"We have had a very interesting and excellent training session at our college this morning."

College in Harrow, London

"I thought forced marriage is part of religion, but it is not!"

"The most useful part was knowing that it happens in any country or culture."

"All information given was useful because it is not something I would have looked into myself."

"You can choose your partner, and not just go along with your parents."

Women's Refuge, London

"It was good for my students to build their awareness, and was pitched at their level. Many thanks for doing the seminar - valuable awareness for our young people." 

Health and Social Care Teacher, Harrow, London 

"All of it was useful indeed - excellent delivery by the young ladies."

"Excellent presentation - the girls were informative and professional." 

"Very professional and informative - this needs to be delivered to the whole college. I am proud that two young ladies are so involved, dedicated and informative. Good luck in your work." 

"All of it was excellent." 

"Very informative on a sensitive issues; delivered with confidence."

"The two trainers were extremely knowledgeable and articulated the issues superbly."

"The JAN Trust provided detailed and informative training to our learning support practitioners that was both highly developed, accessible and communicated in a manner that used scenario examples relevant to the age groups we work with."

Teachers at a Harrow College, London

"A well structured and clear coverage of the topic. Age appropriate delivery."

Teacher at a Hackney school, London

"Every professional should access this. The session sparked a lot of engaging and informative dialogue amongst professionals."

Practitioner, Lewisham, London 

"That was great - I've done lots of training and I just wanted to say that one was excellent, really informative."

Practitioner, Ealing, London 

 "I found this presentation very informative and interesting. It increased my awareness and offered practical ways to recognise and respond to FM. It was a pleasure to work with the presenters from JAN Trust who were well prepared and they catered for the various needs in the group. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Practitioner, Ealing, London 

 "I enjoyed the training and had a definite increase in knowledge. It was particularly helpful relating it to the service users I will be working with."

 Practitioner, Lambeth, London 

 "It was a really informative session, delivered in a clear and concise manner. It clarified misconceptions around how this issue can effect the young people my service works with, and demonstrates the range of support we are able to access, or provide, to those affected."

"Really good training session. Really informative and interesting."

Practitioners, Lewisham, London 

 "It was delivered brilliantly...facts and information were relevant and content was extremely engaging. Thank you!"

 "Everything was useful and relevant...[it] made students more aware."

 Teacher, Hounslow, London 

"It was interesting to hear what people my age have to go through. I also know what I would have to do if someone I knew was being forced into marriage"

"It was very interesting. I learnt a lot about an issue that's not spoken about a lot."

"I now know how to recognise the signs of a possible forced marriage."

"I learnt about the difference between a forced and an arranged marriage...If I ever meet someone being forced into a marriage I can tell them there are laws to protect them and where they can go for help."

"They highlighted a critical issue that is often not represented correctly in the media, so it provided a frank and honest opportunity to talk about this issue. Brilliant!"

Students in a Hounslow School, London

"Excellent practical advice on how to react in a clinic situation - i.e., relevant to our work."

"Clearly delivered, motivational, comprehensive."

"I now know how to recognise the signs of a possible forced marriage."

"Excellent, I learnt a lot."

"Comprehensive coverage of the situation."

Practitioners, Lambeth, London 

"Very good, one of the best workshops I've attended.  Well done and keep the good work up!"

Practitioner, Ealing, London

"Please implement this training everywhere.  Everyday, I have the same ignorant, Islamophobic, xenophobic people asking me the same questions about arranged and forced marriages.  Their views are extremely warped.  They treat the words of the Sun newspaper as the divine Gospel."

"Thank you for such an interesting and eye-opening seminar.  Our team is not only much more aware of , and comfortable defining forced marriage, but we also feel confident about practical steps we can take if we think that a tenant might be at risk.  We would highly recommend the seminar to other professionals working with people who may be affected by forced marriage."

"Very good training with good real life examples used." "Thank you, very enlightening!" "Very helpful, keep up the good work!"

Practitioners, Lewisham, London

"Excellent!" "Exceedingly good training day!!" "Thank you for a very interesting and relevant presentation" "Thank you for a first class training session this morning. It was excellent."

"Thank you so much, very impressed with the delivery, timing, audience and interaction - all good!"

"Experienced trainer, knowledgeable.  Use of a variety of teaching methods also great!"

Doctors, Lewisham, London 

"A really important subject delivered in an engaging and intelligent manner.  An excellent session."

PSHE Teacher, Redbridge School, London 

"As a Safer School Police Officer I was very interested to see what the Against Forced Marriage presentation by the JAN Trust could offer students. The presentation was engaging and very pertinent to this secondary school in the London Borough of Redbridge. As a police officer it was also informative and opened my eyes not only to the extent of forced marriages but to the visible indicators showing when a person may be at risk of forced marriage. I will be recommending this workshop to my fellow Safer Schools officers."

Safer School Officer, Redbridge School

"Thank you!" "Well done" "Just right" "Excellent!"

Practitioners, Enfield, London 

"The links to resources as well as the trainer's knowledge were particularly helpful.  Thank you!"

"It was really useful to learn this practice happens all over the world."

"It was valuable to learn about other cultures where forced marriages take place."

"Well delivered!"

"Very in depth and informative, very well delivered!"

"Very informative - a wide range of information provided."

"It was really useful to hear this isn't just happening in the Asian community.  Excellent training!  I had two other training sessions recently and this was the best!"    

Practitioners, Luton  

"Very informative, thank you!"

"Really enjoyed the training, very informative and engaging."

"Useful and informative!"

"Thank you!"

"Outstanding/very effective!"

Practitioners, Enfield, London

"Very informative!"

"Just right."

"It was particularly helpful as I have never had training on this before."

"It was useful to have a broad view of the whole subject."

"It was valuable to learn that this is a cultural issue and not religious."

"All of the training was very helpful."

"Great Presentation - thank you!"

Met Police, Enfield, London

"Thank you very was an excellent and well informed session."

Practitioners, Brent, London

"Great presentation. It is useful to challenge misconceptions."

Police, Bedford 

"Was very interesting...really enjoyed the training, thank you for your time."

"Detailed coverage of issues...a very good workshop."

Practitioners, Ealing, London

"Everything was helpful, I learnt so much today!"

"Would definitely recommend to other agencies and services."

Practitioners, Enfield, London

"Thank you, very useful was well paced and delivered."

Practitioners, Luton 

"It has been a great session and I look forward to coming to see your centre!"

"It has been a really useful session."

"Very informative session.  Everyone should do this training!"

"Excellent points, broken down and explained."

Practitioners, Ealing, London

"Very interesting...everything was useful about the training."

Practitioners, Lewisham, London 

"Good presentation with good information and life stories.  It helped us to know that there is always help available."

"I really enjoyed the talk.  Forced marriage is a serious issue for females in particular; therefore making teenagers aware of it is beneficial."

"Good job!"

"Thank you for coming to our school to teach us about forced marriages.  We've learnt how to prevent it if we are forced into a marriage ..."

Year 10 students, Hounslow, London

“The presentation had great variety – all really useful!”

“The pace of information and the trainer were excellent.”

“It was a really excellent session, not only enjoyable but very useful.”

“Thank you very much, it was excellent!”

Teachers, Haringey, London

“Thank you very much! I love JAN Trust!”

“Very informative and eye opening. Very respectful of other cultures.”

“You’re doing a great job, keep it up!”

“Stop forced marriage!”

Year 10 students, Hounslow, London

“I think it was a very powerful presentation, especially the videos!”

“Very engaging!”

“Very interesting and helpful workshop! Good presentation.”

“Thank you very much for improving my knowledge of forced marriage.”

Year 10 Students, Hounslow, London

“Everything was useful, particularly the discussion of warning signs.”

A very informative and valuable session.”

“The range of information and detail was very helpful.”

Teacher, Haringey, London

“Thank you so much, it was all very good.”

“It was very engaging and thorough.”

“The ladies are doing excellent work and are very knowledgeable.”

Practitioners, Haringey, London

“All Year 10 and 11 Sociology students who took part in the workshops found it of great interest and were made aware of the extent and complexity of issues surrounding arranged/forced marriages.  All students said they would recommend the workshop to their peers.”

Teacher, Haringey, London

“It was a really interesting and useful lesson, thanks!”

“A really good idea for young kids because they need to have a clear understanding about this!”

“I learned a lot!”

“Very good!”

Students, Haringey, London

“I found this workshop really interesting and beneficial as it explained the differences between arranged and forced marriage. It is believed to happen most commonly amongst people of Asian origin in the UK. It is shocking to hear that in the UK there are between 5,000 – 8,000 cases of forced marriage reported per year."

"We learnt that if a person disagrees with the marriage they could face consequences such as being forced to leave home, ‘home arrest’ for long periods of time, forced to go to another country get married and live there, violence, emotional blackmail…The organisation JAN Trust are working with those who are in danger of entering into a forced marriage. Their aim is to solve the problems an individual may face and try to take action. They are dedicated to helping those in fear of getting forced to marry.” 

Student, Haringey, London

“Whilst students were horrified with some of the statistics given regarding forced marriage within the UK, they were left feeling optimistic that with education, awareness and work from organisations like JAN Trust we can eradicate forced marriage.”

"The sessions were informative and helped to educate young people about how these practices, which damage the lives of women, can be ended."

Teachers, Haringey, London

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