Who we are

The Against Forced Marriages campaign is led by JAN Trust. We are a multi-award winning charity based in London. We cater for disadvantaged and marginalised women from minority and hard-to-reach groups and work on a range of issues. Preventing forced marriage is one of our top priorities.

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Our approach

We believe that it takes more than laws and policies to tackle a highly sensitive issue like forced marriage. We value grassroots work which allows us to reach out to the communities directly affected, interact with them and tailor our campaigns to suit their specific needs, beliefs and viewpoints.

We tackle the issue of forced marriage from a cultural and religious angle and work directly with communities, young people and practitioners to raise awareness, change mind-sets and ensure people know where to seek help.

It is a deeply held belief – and a grave misconception – that forced marriage is enforced by religion, especially Islam. No faith condones forced marriage.

Campaigning against forced marriages doesn’t mean attacking Islam – far from it. It is this approach which has helped us to connect with grassroots communities. Our workshops throughout the UK are making a real difference in challenging and changing attitudes that reinforce forced marriage. 

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